Second Workshop on Online Map Validation and Road Model Creation

The goal of this workshop is to form a platform for exchanging ideas, fostering research and connecting both industry and academia in the domain of offline map and online road model creation and validation for autonomous driving.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss about scenarios (highways and urban environments), ways of data collection (i.e. single vehicle and vehicle fleets) as well as data processing (in-vehicle and backend).

To this end we welcome contributions related to the following topics:

  • Validated Road Models: creation of validated road models both at runtime and offline, both from single vehicles as well as from a fleet of vehicles;
  • Map Data Life-Cycle Management: Life-cycle management of map data, i.e. initial creation, change detection, update, verification and deployment;
  • Mapping Fraud Detection and Prevention: Mapping fraud detection and prevention, i.e. manipulation of traffic signs, fleet data spoofing.

Accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore.